Welcome to Catalyst

Catalyst is a community made up of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists who are improving the lives of their patients through this stigmatised but amazing medicine. At honahlee, transparency is of utmost importance. With that in mind, we wanted to explain why Catalyst exists and how we work for you and your patients.

Why Catalyst (for prescribers)?

honahlee’s vision is to improve world well-being through cannabis access and education. Our goal with Catalyst is to improve patient outcomes by simplifying the cannabis journey for prescribers.

Catalyst is a single resource for all of the information you need to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

Science and data - not sales

There are over 300 products currently available to patients in Australia. Most of the cannabis education and product information comes directly from the product suppliers themselves.

Did you know that there are multiple products on the market that are the same product with different brands and at different prices? And CBD & THC aren’t the only two chemicals that make a product consistent from batch to batch.

It’s important that you get your education and product information from an independent source. While the product suppliers have provided us with their product information, we’re verifying that information and presenting it in an unbiased way. Transparency is the guiding principle behind our product rankings.

We want you to build a relationship with your product suppliers, so when you’re ready to prescribe, you can reach out to the product supplier directly through Catalyst.

Up to date, patient centred information

In the current framework, cannabis is a medicine. That means that products must be consistent, and product suppliers should be focused on patient outcomes. So we’re in the process of reaching out to every product supplier in Australia so that you have everything you need to make better decisions in one place.

Product information

Product suppliers have been asked to provide detailed information about each product and to keep that information up to date from batch to batch. We’ll be checking in with suppliers on a regular basis to make sure their data is up to date.

Suppliers who are less transparent or aren’t participating in patient centred activities as much as other suppliers will be ranked lower.

Product rankings

The suppliers who are more transparent about their products and are focused on better patient outcomes will rise in the product rankings. Because we’re patient first, the most important factors in our product rankings are:

  1. Clinical research and studies directly related to a product
  2. Patient case studies directly related to a product
  3. Transparency from batch to batch

We’ve chosen these three variables as the most important because, in doing our research, both prescribers and suppliers have said these are the most important factors in making the best choices for patients.

Your feedback in action

The Catalyst team consists of digital and technical experts with years of cannabis experience. In creating medical tech, we work closely with prescribers, industry partners and look to advanced markets for inspiration.

Through our relationships with cannabis, healthcare and industry experts, we’re able to create content and build tools that are making a difference.

The cannabis space is ever-evolving, and even the most experienced cannasseur is constantly learning. We’ve only been able to achieve our goals through trust, collaboration and feedback. We’re excited to have you on this journey and look forward to your honest feedback as to how we can improve Catalyst for you.

On behalf of patients across Australia - thank you for treating patients with this often life-changing medicine. And, from the honahlee team, thank you for your support and trust.

Tom Brown

Co-founder, honahlee

Tom Brown
Will Rayner

Technical Lead, honahlee

Will Rayner